Peggy Bud

Peggy Bud

It’s more than what you say; it’s how you say it.

Peggy Bud is a certified and licensed speech/language pathologist who provides targeted Effective Communication support for individuals, small businesses, and families of special needs students. She uses her background in language and communication to empower her clients.  Through training sessions and individual coaching she develops her clients’ communication skills, ensuring that their message is clearly understood and remembered.

Majoring in speech and language, Peggy received a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree from Southern Connecticut University. She has over 30+ years of hands on experience working in the public schools and in private practice.  She has a 6th Year Certificate in Education Leadership from Southern Connecticut University and is a certified School Administrator with 10+ years’ experience.

For the past 4 years, Peggy’s focus has been to provide targeted Effective Communication training and support to individuals and small businesses.  She also coaches families of children with special needs on how to have smart conversations with their school district in order to ensure that their children get the appropriate supports and services.

Peggy has written educational materials, children’s books, policies and procedures, and an advice column for parents. Her educational materials include a puzzle book entitled Unusual Animals and a beginner’s puzzle book called Puzzles I Can Do Myself. Peggy wrote the book The Path to Popularity; A Guide for Middle School Students. The book has a Dale Carnegie message and is written for the pre-teen.

Peggy wrote a bi-weekly column, “Language Wise.” It appeared in County Kids, A Parenting Magazine distributed in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Peggy has also written short stories for children that have appeared in magazines.

Peggy currently supervises student teachers for Sacred Heart University. She has also provided training to public and private school staff on best practices.