Strengthen Your Family School Partnerships

Partnerships maximize development, learning,
and school success

Partnerships create trust and transparency

Partnerships occur when stakeholders are Effectively Communicating

Family Coaching

Empower Students and Parents

You will learn how to deliver a data-driven message so you can successfully advocate for your child. You will develop an understanding of the educational process; learn how to Effectively Communicate in a non-adversarial manner, with teachers, administrators, and other relevant professionals. Hone your ability to ask questions and have smart conversations so you can be a fully participating member of your child’s educational team.

In-depth Knowledge and Understanding

  • Learn about the special education process from Response to Intervention (RTI) to identification
  • Understand the difference between special education, a 504 plan, and regular education interventions
  • Gain data and testing skills. Specifically, how to interpret the information and use baseline data for goal setting
  • Develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Document organization; which documents to keep and why
  • Learn to provide concise and consistent support linked to behavior, limit setting, and homework


  • Meetings in person or on the phone; discuss concerns and develop Action Plans
  • Review of the student’s educational file; assessments, reports, report cards, emails
  • Written Summary of file review
  • Scripts to facilitate conversations with staff
  • Editing of correspondence between home and school

Additional Services

  • Attend IEP meetings when/if appropriate
  • Review /revise IEP or 504 Plan
  • Input regarding on-going review and interpretation of progress data and program effectiveness
  • Conversations with student
  • Review /revise Health Care Plans
  • Review /revise early intervention strategies
  • Speak to outside providers

All consultative services are customized to address the needs of the client.

School Support

Build Partnerships and Develop Best Practices

As an educator, it is important to build and maintain trusting relationships with families and the community. Trust begins when your entire school staff recognizes the importance of working collaboratively with students and families. Family-School respect develops when you demonstrate your desire and ability to stay current, to learning innovative practices, and to hone your teaching practices. Trust and respect is an important part of the bond needed to build a strong family-school partnership.

Customized Training Modules

 Through customized training modules, both new and veteran teachers, learn and practice new teaching strategies and techniques. Examples of training modules are Knowing the Ins and Outs of Differentiated Instruction and How to Effectively Use Data to Drive Instruction. All training is developed to target the specific needs and concerns of the school.

Targeted Observations

Observations of teachers by an independent consultant provides an extra set of eyes and leads to improved teaching and student learning. A consultant can facilitate your conversations in difficult meetings, building trust and transparency and the development of strong family-school partnerships.

Teacher-Parent Training Modules

Providing joint training for teachers and parents is a perfect way to build a common language and create strong family-school partnerships. Partnerships are important for student success.  Examples of training modules includes Understanding the Key Attributes of Effective Communication, Learning the Art of Listening and Perspective Taking, and Strengthening the Ability to Have Meaningful Conversations and Ask Smart Questions.

 It’s More Than What You Say; It’s How You Say It.

Client Feedback

“You have been terrific. I look forward to continuing to work together on behalf of my son. Glad you are going to be part of this important journey.”

Parent; Stamford, CT

“We are so blessed to be working with you. Can’t thank you enough.”

Parent; Fairfield, CT

“Thanks for your help and guidance preparing for the PPT meeting. The meeting went well; we felt confident as parents. We finally felt we were valued members of the IEP team.”

Parents; Westport, CT

“We want to let you know how much we appreciate your time helping us prepare for the IEP meeting.  We will use your suggestions when writing a follow-up email. We are now feel confident our child will get the support he needs.”

Parents, Boston, MA

“Sorry you couldn’t attend yesterday’s IEP meeting. Because of your help and support, I confidently attended the meeting. I shared my concerns using data. The team listened and agreed to provide my daughter the extra support I requested.”

Parent, Wilton, CT