Author: Peggy Bud

Women in Insurance and Financial Services

I was honored to speak at the National Conference for Women in Insurance and Financial Services in Austin, Texas last week. I met lots of fabulous people. Learned a lot! And got great feedback regarding my presentation. My session, Communication: Bridging the Gender Divide, provided tips and strategies related to effective communication; the what, why […]

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Success Across the Generations

“I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, For certainly all youth are reckless beyond words.” 8th Century Greek Poet Hesiod There have been breakdowns in communication linked to generational differences since at least the 8th Century. Each generation has had different experiences. […]

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Consultant vs. Advocate

When I tell parents I’m an Education and Communication Consultant working with families of children with special needs, their first thought is that I’m a Child Advocate and just calling myself something different. However, I am a Consultant not an Advocate. According to Wikipedia an advocate is a person who “intercedes on behalf of another […]

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