Keep, Stop, Start Mindset

Change is difficult and at the same time it is how we grow. As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”   Using the Keep, Stop and Start mindset provides a methodology for bringing about change,  whether you are a parent, educator, individual or member of a team.

Keep, Stop and Start is a time-tested mindset that helps both individuals and teams grow and succeed. This framework drives conversations and brings about change.

When parents and educators use this methodology, they look at what is working and what is not working regarding the student’s success. It becomes a strategy for finding  new ways to improve student behaviors and learning outcomes. Even the IEP team can use this strategy to drive their conversations. Using open and honest dialogues, built on evidence, this procedure identifies the students’ areas of need and encourages the adaptation of new academic, social, emotional, and behavioral strategies.

When corporate teams use this approach, they are better able to identify inefficiencies and develop solutions. Individuals can use this system to reflect on and evaluate their own performance, which leads to self-identification of areas of improvement and the need for change.

The Stop, Keep, Start Mindset, at all levels, opens the possibility of change. It leads to replacing what is not working with something new. By embracing the culture of continuous improvement, it places a high value on both success and the importance of learning from failure.

When it comes to sales or marketing, this process provides a structure for evaluating current strategies, encouraging the discontinuation of stagnate strategies, and opening opportunities to explore and attract new ways of doing business. When changes occur, teams can explore how to attract customers and drive sales.

What does this framework look like?

STOP:  Stop what you are doing if it is not leading to success. When  behaviors, habits or strategies are not leading to success, stop doing them. Once you stop doing what is not working, you will have the time, energy and even resources to align with more productive approaches.

KEEP:  Never throw out the baby with the bathwater. When the evidence supports that something is working, whether based on test scores, sales reports or any formal or informal assessment tool, continue doing what you are doing. Status quo offers stability and consistency, which allows you to build on your successes.

START: Things do not improve by chance; they improve when you make a change. It is important to give yourself permission to explore novel ideas, strategies, and behaviors. This leads to innovative breakthroughs and improvements that might not have been possible if you kept doing what you were doing.

In conclusion, success depends on the power of change, which is both constant and necessary. The KEEP, STOP, START Mindset drives positive and impactful transformations. This technique provides a structured approach to confronting challenges, embracing improvement, and celebrating setbacks.

Have you ever tried this strategy?  Did you find it helpful?  Are there other ways of bringing about change that you find effective?