Speaking Engagements

Did you know Effective Communication isn’t an innate skill? It must be honed and practiced. Peggy collaborates with corporate leaders to hone and refine their effective communication skills and cultivate their ability to have deep conversations. She teaches them how to foster meaningful connections with customers and colleagues and build collaborative environments where everyone is instrumental in reaching favorable outcomes

Peggy Bud and others spoke at a business conference on June 7, 2019 at the New York Public Library.

Peggy Bud’s TEDx talk at Ferguson Library

Peggy Bud speaks at the 2022 Women’s Summit at Bryant University

Speaking Topics

Communication: Bridging the Gender Divide and Generational Divide

We all communicate differently. Understanding gender and generational differences will build productive teams and lead to successful meeting outcomes. Differences, both innate and the result of socialization, contribute to how we communicate. Appreciating these differences reduces misunderstandings and miscommunication. Effective and productive teams develop because everyone is valued and heard.

Workplace Conflict: The Power of Communication

Workplace conflict is linked to communication breakdowns. Did you know conflicts cost companies millions of dollars? Breakdowns create stress, impact relationships, and reduce productivity.

Speaking Skillfully: Attributes of Effective Communication

Did you know only 7% of a message is your words? To ensure your message is remembered; your words, vocal and non-verbal communication must all be in sync. It’s also critical to learn active and reflective listening strategies to build and sustain relationships with colleagues and clients.

Conscious Versus Unconscious Bias: It’s Impact in the Workplace

What drives your actions and decisions? Diversity is a part of the workplace. Are your actions and decisions based on evidence, bias, or unconscious bias? Let’s start a conversation.

The Dos and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

Are you effectively communicating on-line? Working remotely and video-conferencing is changing how we do business. Learn strategies to ensure your video call is understood and remembered.

Conversations Lead to Consensus

The key to building successful and productive teams is through effective communication. The path begins with understanding how to have deep conversations, and harmoniously collaborate and cooperate with colleagues. Compromise, in the form of new possibilities, can occur by merging ideas, which leads to the team reaching consensus. Favorable outcomes are the direct result of everyone contributing to the conversation and using strategies such as active listening, perspective taking and building a shared vision.

“What a great workshop! I learned so much, especially about how to be a more effective listener. I tended to ‘jump to conclusions’ and not really listen to what others were saying. Improving my listening skills is something I’m going to work to improve now that I have learned some strategies.”

Workshop Participant, Visiting Nurse Services (Westchester)

Peggy teaches Effective Communication strategies and techniques using her knowledge of how we learn and process information and her conceptual framework, the 5-C Model of Communication. She incorporates easy-to-use tools into her coaching that transforms her clients’ oral and written communication. Effective communication is key to improving a company’s bottom line and her clients come from a variety of industries (medical, legal, financial, insurance, engineering, and education). She has spoken at National Conferences, Women’s Summits, Rotary Clubs and Libraries and serves on two Boards. She has a BS from Indiana University and a MS and 6th Year Certificate in Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. She is a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and School Administrator with 30+ years’ experience in public education and thirteen years as a communication consultant, speaker, and author.