It's not just what you say. It's how you say it.

Effective Communication will positively impact your success.

Improve the bottom line for your business

Make sure that your message is not only understood but remembered by enhancing your “Effective Communication” skills. Engage with your employees, colleagues, and clients with clarity and accuracy. Improve productivity, recruitment, hiring, promotions, and retention in the workplace.

All sessions use interactive learning to teach effective communication skills and strategies, whether is a small or large group. Customized topics include the importance of  conversations,  bridging the gender divide, understanding bias in yourself and others, managing workplace conflict, the art of active listening, and the power of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Strengthen your parent-educator partnerships

Put the Child at the Center of the Conversation

Parents and students: get empowered to be your own advocate! Learn how to navigate the complex education process. Effectively and clearly present your needs in a data-driven, unemotional manner. Develop competencies needed to build a positive parent-educator partnership and become a fully participating member of your child’s educational team. Ensure supports and services are available to access the general education curriculum.

Educator and support staff:  learn strategies and techniques to deliver best practices resulting in improved student learning. Customized, professional development benefits both new and veteran teachers alike. Understand the power of differentiation of instruction, data-driven teaching, and student-centric communication. Redefine the parent-teacher relationship by forming a positive partnership with parents.

Coaching for personal success

Achieve greater results in the workplace. One on one or in small groups, you will learn how to effectively communicate verbally, vocally and non-verbally through clear and concise interpersonal interactions. Hone your ability to listen and understand the other person’s perspective. Learn how to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings which negatively impact your relationships.

Effective communication coaching sessions include resume writing, elevator pitch development, improvement of written and verbal presentations, upping your professional image virtually and enhancing successful conversations.

Each Speaking Skillfully program is customized to address your specific needs

These organizations and more have benefitted from effective communication sessions with Speaking Skillfully