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Unconscious Bias: Bridging the Gender Divide

Communication, which is a two-way process; occurring when two or more people interact with each other. They are forming relationships, connections, associations, or involvements. If the communication is effective, it will lead to building and sustaining positive relationships. If it is ineffective, it may cause the downfall of the relationship or organization. What is most […]

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Bias Impacts Diversity

“An integral part of helping employees thrive is creating a space where every individual feels they can bring their full selves to work.” Elden Seropean, Software Engineer and Team Leader Companies today are recognizing the importance of diversity in their organizations. Study after study supports the importance of diversity, which includes diverse Boards, leadership and […]

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TimTalk The Dos and Don’ts of Video Conferences with Peggy Bud

powered by Crowdcast Peggy uses the neuroscience of communication to provide coaching and training to clients. Being an effective communicator is the key to both professional and personal success. It’s more than what you say; it’s how you say it. In this session we talk about the differences of talking on conference calls to talking […]

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