Steps to Creating School-Parent Partnerships

WHY Create Partnerships?

  • Research tells us parents and school districts must create partnerships in order to maximize their children’s development, learning, and success in school.
  • Partnerships are essential!
  • Partnerships can only be created when everyone understands the skills and learns how to use these skills when interacting with each other.
  • Conversations build trust and transparency, which leads to partnerships.

 HOW to Create Partnerships?

  • Meet with administrators to determine what is currently in place
  • Have ‘workshop/conversations’ with parents and educators
    • Gather information regarding the District’s perspective
    • Gather information regarding the Parents’ perspective
    • Bring the two groups together to share information
  • Create an Action Plan to build, support, improve Home-School Partnerships
  • Create a team of parents and educators to facilitate Action Plan Implementation
  • Provide workshops to promote ongoing school-family communication
    • Suggested Topics to foster Home-School Partnerships
      • Effective Communication Skills
      • Understanding the “Language of Education”
      • Understanding How to Interpret Student Achievement
      • Learning Styles
      • How to Have Meaningful Conversations
      • Being a Skillful Listener

It’s More Than What You Say; It’s How You Say It.