Effective Communication

Peggy Bud—a certified and licensed speech/language pathologist—provides targeted Effective Communication support for individuals, small businesses, families and educators.

  • Family Coach: Effectively communicate with your school district and advocate for the needs of your child
  • Health Care Professionals and Support Staff TrainingEffectively communicate with your team to improve patient care, safety and satisfaction.
  • Business Training: Effectively communicate with your peers, and colleagues to improve work place relationships, productivity,  efficiency and client satisfaction
  • Educator Support: Customized training modules to teach best practices and build home-school relationships

Once you understand how people learn and process information, you take into account the listener’s learning style and personality when communicating. Start having smarter conversations through open-ended questions. Improve your speaking and listening skills contact Peggy Bud today for more information or call (203) 952-8534.